Wendy Cattaway


Wendy Cattaway, Administrator

I have worked for Fairways Management for 3½ years and I very much enjoy it. My role is to pay the invoices from contractors for the work done for the blocks that we manage. Before paying certain invoices I need to be certain that the work has been completed satisfactorily and that any goods are correct and in good order. I will usually contact the Directors of the block for this prior to paying the invoices. I pay all monthly invoices for the blocks such as cleaning, gardening etc.I pay all utility invoices for the blocks. I keep an account of all invoices that are paid, I also scan them so they can be kept as a backup. I have only a little direct dealing with the blocks, usually by email but sometimes by phone, usually for authorization to pay an invoice if there is a query or if it’s for a substantial amount of money. Part of my job is to get the Company Accounts and Service Charge Accounts information for the blocks ready for their Accountant. I prepare an electronic file and also get the supporting paperwork to the Accountant. Of late I have paid any corporation tax that may be due and also try to make sure that the accounts are signed and filed on time. I also assist my colleagues with answering the phone and emails. We at Fairways Management are here to help. We have always helped each other and I am sure that will continue as we work with Findley’s of Cooden.

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