Scott White - MARLA ANAEA

Company Director

Scott White - MARLA ANAEA, Company Director

I am the proud joint owner of Findleys of Cooden. For many years we had been asked by our customers to venture into block management. Mainly, it seemed, as the level of service they were being offered didn’t meet their expectations. We set up with the vIsion of changing that by offering a more personal approach to management, whilst still providing a vast improvement in service levels. This includes a state of the art software solution that allows each leaseholder to view their accounts online, a dedicated maintenance manager, separate accounts department and a separate company secretarial service. We are never afraid to expand with demand and have the infrastructure to manage as many flats as we are offered. To summarise, we have the staff, the know how, the technology but most importantly the ability and desire to take block management to the next level. We look forward to being of service.

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