John Cattaway


John Cattaway, Administrator

Having been a member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society for 50 years I had my own pharmacy in St. Leonards for 20 years from 1972 to 1992, I was ‘volunteered’ by a friend to apply for a post at Fairways Management in March 2014 and have been there ever since. My main responsibility is the production of ground rent demands and maintenance and service charge invoices to each block and then in collecting the monies for them. This involves keeping in touch with all the bank accounts and keeping records of current and overdue payments from the flat owners. My knowledge in designing and keeping spreadsheets has been a great help in this respect. Each block has its own budget and I have to draw up suggested budgets each year after consultation with my colleagues, especially if major works are planned or other maintenance is on the menu. Expenditure for each block is recorded and kept up to date by Wendy and we work in conjunction with each other in many respects. I also assist my colleagues with answering the phone and emails. We work as one big happy family and I thoroughly enjoy working at Fairways Management and look forward to working with new members of the team and adapting to new methods and software as required in the coming year.

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