Jackie Houlihan

Maintenance Manager

Jackie Houlihan, Maintenance Manager

I work alongside Glenn Taylor as a Block Management Maintenance
Manager. My role is as a stable point of contact for all of our
clients. Throughout my working day my tasks may involve, answering
queries, writing and sending letters and emails to and on behalf of
our clients, writing notices, liaising with contractors and sending
works orders, updating Directors and Leaseholders on the progress of
works, dealing with insurance claims and working with the Block
Coordinator in the day to day management of the portfolio. I have
worked in the property industry for the last 16 years and over that
time have gained much experience in all areas of the business. I have
a keen eye for detail and consider myself to be an excellent
multi-tasker and I believe that the ability to hold a variety of
factors in consideration at any one time when making a decision is
important as property management can be such a complex field.

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