Glenn Taylor

Block Manager

Glenn Taylor, Block Manager

With 8 years experience in the property industry, I have built up a
wealth of knowledge within sales, letting and predominantly I have
been very fortunate to spend the majority of my time in Property
Management. Having worked for two of the largest local estate agents
in 1066, I have had to work incredibly hard to ensure the lettings
management portfolio runs smoothly. I now bring this experience,
knowledge and willingness to work tirelessly into the Block Management
industry for Findley's of Cooden. My days involve ensuring that all
block management services and maintenance contracts are kept up to
date. Visiting the blocks/sites in our portfolio and carrying out site
inspections and diagnosing potential problems, including highlighting
any existing insurance risks and ensuring that there are follow up
visits and site inspection reports as necessary. Making sure that the
site is compliant with health and safety regulations. Requesting
service charges for the buildings and collecting on our clients
behalf. And playing a key role in negotiations relating to long-term
qualifying agreements, repairs that need to be undertaken on site and
also contracts for leases.

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