Block Management

Properties Large and Small

Whether your property or block contains several flats or several hundred or numerous houses, we work with each of our clients to perfect a tailored service to suit their individual needs. It is something we have been doing successfully since we started. Our business has continually expanded and we have gained considerable experience and knowledge over the years.

Making Things Simple

As many Residents’ Associations and Committees have found, the extent of legislation and the weight of legal obligations, some of which can create criminal liability on owners and those responsible for the buildings, make the management of properties a highly onerous task. Considerable knowledge and experience is required to undertake effective building management. At Findleys of Cooden we can relieve you of that burden, assist you with day-to-day management matters and protect your interests.

We use the leading industry property management software to ensure accurate accounting and financial transparency and to facilitate leaseholders direct access to information about their block.

Your Local Property Managers

We believe well-made buildings are maintained better through well-made relationships, which is why we always return calls or emails within 24-hours. Understanding that nothing beats face-to-face communication, we carry out regular site visits and the option to host drop-in clinics at our properties to ensure we’re always available to talk in person. We have an open-door policy and welcome you to come and visit us and our team at our offices.

Some of the qualities exhibited by our property managers, praised by our clients, include:

• Attentive and flexible to the client’s needs
• Experienced, intelligent and committed
• Quick to respond to issues and take action
• Personable, friendly and approachable
• Dedicated to taking the time to understand your building

Accounting Services

Careful financial management of your estate is crucial to ensure that all repairs, insurances, planned improvements and major works can be funded and carried out.

Our accounts team work to ensure your property manager and you have access to accurate and clear information to enable informed and timely decisions to be made.

In addition, our team ensures that service charge, ground rent and insurance demands are sent promptly to all leaseholders and that proactive credit control procedures are in place to avoid any cash flow problems throughout the year.

Through careful liaison with our clients, we can establish and maintain an appropriate reserve fund for all developments (if required), providing a buffer for any major or planned repairs that come along; this provision also enhances the value of each block/unit.

The Latest Systems

We use Blocksonline Management software, a bespoke and market leading fully integrated package which also links directly into our banking system, which uses virtual accounts to maintain discreet control of all funds for our clients as required by our regulators.

We offer various payment methods including monthly instalments (where permitted by the lease), BACS transfers, and credit/debit card payments either by telephone or using our online client portal, ensuring residents can settle their accounts easily.

Right to Manage

This enables homeowners to take control of the management of their block, decide how it is managed and which company they may want to partner with to make their lives and the lives of their neighbours much easier.

If you have questions about Right to Manage, don’t hesitate to ask us now.

Choosing Right to Manage can have several potential benefits for leaseholders who are, up to this point, unhappy with the running of their block.

The benefits of Right to Manage include:

• You have a say on how your block is managed.
• You choose which, if any, company you would like to manage your block and what level of management you would prefer.
• You can decide how funds are allocated and spent
• Your service charge could reduce due to more efficient budget management and more intelligent use of resources
• If you choose a management company such as Findley's of Cooden, you immediately gain transparency regarding what work is planned and completed, when and by whom. You also gain a professional partner you can work with to carefully navigate important regulations as well as implement a longer term strategy for your block. All resulting in much happier owners and tenants

Is Our Block Eligible For Right To Manage?

There are certain criteria that the leaseholders and the block itself must meet before considering Right To Manage. Importantly however, the leaseholders do not have to prove fault or negligence on the part of the current landlord. If the majority of leaseholders are unhappy with the current management, then Right To Manage may well be an option.

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